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All goods come from authorized importers and official producers and distributors for the Czech Republic, is the standard of quality and is backed by a full warranty under the valid legislative and according to the manufacturer's warranty.

What do you need for complaint?

Defective goods, the customer must deliver them at his own expense claims best along with a description of the defect. Complaints during the warranty period is conditional on the purchase of evidential claimed goods, which include a tax receipt for the purchase ie. An invoice or voucher for cash, which are always passed on to the customer together with the goods.

What is the warranty?

Specific length of warranty products can be found in the e-shop in the header information about the product. When selling goods to individuals (non-entrepreneurs) is provided warranty of at least 24 months, according to the Civil Code. Relationships with business entities (companies, entrepreneurs, traders) and other legal entities and state authorities are governed by the Commercial Code and the manufacturer's warranty conditions. The warranty period may in this case be less than 24 months.

Where to complain?

The customer can only claim the goods seller, a company Falko FaL Ltd.

What can be claimed?

The warranty does not cover damage caused by:

  • improper use
  • mechanical damage or wear
  • natural disasters
  • other external influences

When a complaint is unjustified company Falko FaL Ltd. is entitled to recover the costs associated with its execution, especially transport costs.

In case of doubt regarding claims, please call 00420 516 456 486.